Left back

( hook )

I’m best at take

Take it where you rest at

Take it where you never take

It cuz you know we best

At bars and hooks

Like we coming from leftrack

Im at this shit and you getting

Left back

(verse )

Canceling christmas as if it was my birth

No conception of trades of moans

My stork was a retiree and i still

Found my way home

Just to be told that i’m a fuck

Up eventually

Those most close to me

Want the toast to my memory

Friends a loose term

People too parasitical

And i’m hosting the emmy’s

How do i move to joy

Whеn pissed is me

A leasе to the rage can’t be

Broken how i truly feel

Can’t be spoken

The feeling burn up inside

Me til it got no place to

Go a homeless man

You received something

Tangible and wanted

Me to be a hopeless man

With the acid in my stomach

I wrote this man
The color hasn’t been discovered

Somewhere out there

There is a buffer


I’m too old

For this shit like a last supper waitress

My last scuffle with life

I felt double the pain kid

But double the pay kid

This is the plague


Class in session

I’m the kindergarten

That stayed sick

Gripping my joy stick

Like i’m bout to rage quit

Often i jot my inside



When i spit it you would’ve

Thought spit i swap with god

While the devil blackmails

With the polaroid

What i do is what i do they

Trynna destroy the boy

I'm annoyed

You gun cannot trace the shah

With the world in facing off

My interlude is harshness

In deep thought i’m subdued

No harness

From wolves to domesticated

Off the ludes we barking

I’m darkness minster

In a feud with austin

The brood i lost it

Traitors ain’t dead homies

But still the brew we lost it

The laws of gravity i must obey

Bussit challenges and busted fades

Deduct it from my pay

My native tongue slice i’m abducted

And away

They say it’s mighty i say the gun is might

Unconventional patterns made me come

To life

The value of it sinks


Too linked to my vice

I man up my shrinks a dike

A merger with history since

A youth creative

Emergence of whiskey to my lips

The dude is shameless

A virgin frisky they say

Masturbation is mutilation

Life a bitch that’s flirting me

Joe from you’s narration

It’s the funk depression it lurks in ya

It’s the funk i married an ax murderer

It’s the funk barb wired matches

During bid cuz to the higher power

I'm serving ya kid

I’m goldust disturbed in the wig god

My vallet is puffing a cigar

To my cosplay movie quotes she gets off

She moves my dope

I move my dick when she swinging

Her hips lord have mercifist

On my quintessence

I need zen in succession

I need revenge

Fuck looking within at a lesson

When i’m wake my dreams comes

Im green thumbs

I sling umm....

The fool with infamy

Entering the food industry

Sending folks to heavens kingdom

Shit is planned out and never abrupt

Getting cheddar and such

Saints can vouch for my goodness

Gangstas can vouch for my hoodness

A trend setter that bust

The couch can vouch i’m no longer

A bed wetter j i’m up

And even in infancy i been better than bruh

Restrain i’m out of the loop of it

The spread is your guts

I got lucrative deals at my feet

But my head is corrupt

I’m not focused

I syrup’s in my hand i’m captain kunucks

Snitch on myself but talk about

How they are cappin it up

If i live i’ll be the old elephant

Trynna capture the days of the musk

In the room with younger dudes

It’s them i’m attached too

They grooming me i’m not grooming

Them a macaque troop never that dude

I’m whoreson at the whore house

For me the warrant is out

I’m miss the warmth of the womb

So even in the gloom i’m mossing

What they hold out

I’ll talk you through my verse like

Spontaneous sex

It’s a train and my alias is next

It’s the hope i’m goldberg

Man you aliens is next

Exclamation point i’m raining

On your guess

Aunty said close the door

Cuz flies as mad business

I kept it open and got

Scars and mad figures

Stars that want to look

Thor grasp a nigga

I went through it like a gauntlet

Match winner

I’m paired to girl in the line

My nose wide like humpty hump

I’m simping shrimping for chicks

Like bubba gump

Preferably with

Her tits out like bubba's gums

Even a calm storm is vietnam

How tragic is this

The mind like

Americas ego they batter


Squeezing for the passion of it

Kill moe you trash as sit

i’m screaming foreign containment

I barge in back up im taz craved

Don’t lack toons

Had some red bull and weed now

i’m guarding the castle

Like fucking fiona was fucking everyone

Go the bathroom

Once i eat knights

And each night

I’m looking pass the room

And the gloom

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